• Consulting



    We help organizations facilitate new organisational culture

    We firmly believe that empowerment and personal growth drive good business. The success of modern organizations is rooted in the power of collaboration, where performance mirrors effective teamwork across all levels.


    As consultants we guide organizations in influencing the actions of individuals and teams, fostering a transformative organizational culture.


    We realize this vision by blending our deep expertise in nurturing the human dimensions of organizations with processes and tools built on our ACT platform.

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    Change is something that happens in individual people, and when many people change their behavior simultaneously, the organization and culture also change.

  • What we do


    For the sake of efficiency, many of our services are designed to operate without the need for consultant intervention. However, we are always ready to guide, facilitate, and importantly, assist in gathering people for physical meetings or events to expedite a program.


    All CultureDrivers consultants are experienced meeting and event designers, drawing upon their vast experience from numerous corporate offsites.

    • Team and leadership development facilitation
    • Assessment & Coaching
    • Strategy engagement and execution processes
    • Learning journeys and communication to enhance shared understanding
    • Acceleration events & offsites

    Engaging top executive summit


    At an annual two-day conference for 250 top executives from a large international corporation, our focus was on re-energizing the existing business strategy and nurturing trust, relationships, and a collective vision.


    We took the lead in conceptualizing the meeting design, orchestrating the content flow, and crystallizing key messages. Our involvement also spanned providing hands-on assistance in crafting presentations and managing group activities, with each year seeing refinements to elevate the experience.


    Furthermore, our team shaped the ambiance through meticulous branding, optimizing the use of physical spaces, integrating audiovisual elements, and implementing graphic design, ensuring the event exuded a unified and impactful aura.

    Becoming intent driven high performers in only one year

    Read the story of how TARGIT, a leading business intelligence Software as a Servicecompany, moved from below average to high performance on both team collaboration and leadership quality. And more importantly: How they became an intent driven organization with a high degree of autonomy, involvement and strategy alignment.