Using AI to engage leaders and employees in tough ESG dilemmas.

    SustainabilityDrivers is an innovative, AI-driven simulation tool designed to facilitate and enhance discussions and decision-making processes around sustainability.


    The solution combines engaging dilemmas with an underlying maturity model to offer a holistic approach to understanding and integrating Environmental, Social, and
    Governance (ESG) principles into everyday situations.

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    SustainabilityDrivers is a tool designed to help further cultural change in order to succeed with your organisations ESG agenda.


    Navigating the complexities of ESG impact requires a team effort across all areas of your business
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    Through relatable scenarios, SustainabilityDrivers fosters discussions and allows users to assess their solutions against a comprehensive maturity model. By engaging with the dilemmas you'll gain a clearer understanding of the fact that sustainability are about everyday choices and why everyone in your organization must be on board to achieve success.

  • The dilemmas

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    Users are presented to a series of thought-provoking and realistic ESG dilemmas. These scenarios are crafted to spark in-depth discussions about the complexities and demands of sustainability. e.g. related to new waste and water policies, a subsupplier who cannot live up to our sustainability goals or a number of other recognizable situations.


    The situations can be customised to your specific organisation and situation, or you can use our standard dilemmas.


    Participants can input their proposed solutions to the ESG dilemmas and will receive immediate, concrete, and constructive feedback.

    What participants say


    "It guides us through, so we actually get these discussions"

    "It illustrates how complex thisarea is"

    "Concrete – and a lot of fun"

  • The maturity model

    The core of SustainabilityDrivers is a maturity model, that serves as a framework for understanding the different stages of sustainability integration within an organization and guides the development of more advanced and effective practices.

    Framed by the maturity model, the feed-back highlights the most important aspects of "next-practice" and offer practical examples of integrating ESG into Strategy, Products, People, and Leadership.


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