360 Assessments



    Guiding individuals in successfully implementing behavioural change

    A 360 assessment is a powerful tool for identifying individual strengths and areas needing attention. But for it to be effective, the feedback should be relevant, actionable, and help individuals find meaningful ways to improve. 

    Our 360 assessments focus on statements that not only spotlight potential challenges but also suggest specific actionable behaviors. Additionally, the results can be compared with relevant benchmark data.




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    Our 360 assesment is a tool designed to help any individual identify and implement behavioural change.

  • Typical challenges with 360 feedback

     360-feedback can serve as a crucial reality check. However, we've observed certain challenges and have devised effective strategies to overcome them:

    • Feedback can sometimes be overwhelming, causing leaders to lose focus and not see the bigger picture. We help leaders pinpoint what's most important.
    • Leaders often prioritize fixing their weaknesses over enhancing their strengths. Yet, research consistently shows that focusing on strengths leads to better results and benefits for the business. We guide attention towards areas where change makes a difference.
    • The aim of turning insights into new, valuable behaviors often falls short. For many, the journey stops at the report. We support individuals in making real behavioral changes.
  •  Going beyond the standard 360 report  

    Our strength-based 360 approach offers: 

    • A 360 process streamlined to reduce overall costs, considering the time spent by users, respondents, and coaches.
    • An adaptive report that guides individuals toward the most important insights, such as areas where respondents would like to see a change in behavior.
    • Personalized AI generated guidance to help individuals in their journey to change, backed by suggested "nano-behaviors" and a supportive follow-up tool.
    • The flexibility to use CultureDrivers' generic competency model or easily integrate your own model.