The ACT collaboration toolbox


    Positively impacting how individuals and teams act

    Revising strategy or execution inherently means altering behavior. Often, undesirable or unintended behavior stands as the primary obstacle to job satisfaction and business growth.


    While most individuals are keen on making slight adjustments, many require a touch of inspiration and a gentle nudge to establish better habits.


    The ACT platform offers a suite of services tailored to influence particular behaviors, ensuring tangible change.


    These ACT services motivate individuals and teams to act in harmony with their personal goals and the overarching strategy.


    You'll find some illustrative examples below.

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    The ACT services can be a powerful booster to magnify the outcomes of any change initiative.

  • A research based approach to change


    Change thrives on social motivation. Simply put: Endeavors to change in isolation often fall short, while our successes are typically fueled by our desire to meet the positive expectations of others.


    Every standard service offered through ACT is crafted with the insights of organizational psychologists and grounded in rigorous research. The ACT methodologies draw from a rich blend of behavioral, and social scientific knowledge.


    This foundation ensures that ACT solutions are both highly scalable and cost-efficient. Plus, with automatic impact measurement in place, the tangible benefits are evident and well-documented.


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    Achieving changes that others appreciate

    Using TeamDrivers or 360 assessments, we guide users in adopting behavioral shifts by suggesting a range of precise actions, termed "nano-behaviors", tailored to uplift their specific role or team.


    This method is supported by a digital tool that collects feedback from a chosen set of trusted peers, enabling the monitoring and measurement of progress.

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    Practicing new skills through dilemmas

    The ACT toolbox offers a collection of adaptable dilemmas, perfectly tailored to enhance any strategy engagement or team development initiative.


    Leadership dilemmas introduce intricate situations that demand participants to employ both critical and strategic thinking.


    By diving into these scenarios, participants hone their decision-making abilities and cultivate practical skills transferable to their roles.


    Engaging with dilemmas prompts participants to explore varied viewpoints and insights, fostering empathy, cultural sensitivity, and proficiency in collaborating within diverse teams.


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    Ignite Team spirit and personal connections with the Photo Challenge

    The Photo Challenge is designed for remote teams seeking engaging social activities.


    Participants upload photos from their weekends and share them online with their team. An AI tool subsequently generates unique abstract images, prompting a challenge to correctly associate each AI-generated image with its corresponding team member.


    This initiative effectively bridges the gap between geographically distant team members, offering a platform for coworkers to interact and establish connections.