3 month program including leader coaching

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    Facts about the TeamDrivers program (also known as “CultureDrivers for teams”)

    • A 3 month program that starts and ends with a team- and leader assessment
    • The leader is supported by an experienced senior coach as well as by digital tools
    • TeamDriver assessment is based on Lencioni’s “5 Dysfunctions of a Team” (widely used in Novo Nordisk)
    • The process has proved to drive measurable improvement in team collaboration and performance
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    The price is based on team size (including the leader): € 250/member.



    • 6 team members (including leader): € 1.500
    • 10 team members (including leader): € 2.500


    The price includes support from an experienced coach and the use of a range of digital tools.



    The coaching is delivered virtually (e.g. via MS Teams) unless otherwise agreed.


    The program is delivered in English and Danish.


    Our vendor is CultureDrivers and our contact person is Flemming Fog, email: fog@culturedrivers.com


    You can also contact the vendor to discuss customized workshop/-program and get a quote.


    Sign up your team

    Send the following information to fog@culturedrivers.com (or use the sign up template):

    • Team name
    • Leader of team (name & email)
    • List of team members (name & email)
    • Suggested start date


    Reference material & sign-up form

    Watch the video to get a quick introduction to the TeamDrivers assessment or click the links below to access a range of resources about the TeamDrivers program: