• Build Leader- and Team performance

    TeamDrivers program

    CEO & Founder Flemming Fog gives an overview of the flagship program: "TeamDrivers program" - a highly adaptive development program that empowers the leader of a team to achieve measurable performance improvement in 3 months. (4:40)

    TeamDrivers assessment

    Frank Lilleøre, PhD., explains the "TeamDrivers assessment" - central to the TeamDrivers program (4:12)

    HabitDrivers for Teams

    Organizational psychologist, Jens Chr. Hovind explains "HabitDrivers for Teams" - a critical tool in driving measurable change in CultureDrivers for Teams (2:53)

    The business case for the TeamDrivers program

    CEO & Founder Flemming Fog shares the business case thinking that is the foundation for the TeamDrivers program (2:26)

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