Thursday, May 16 at 14:00 CET

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    #AI, People & Culture:

    The impact of AI on the future of People & Culture services

    Join our team of experienced changemakers at CultureDrivers as we explore how AI technology will reshape People & Culture´s role and practices. Also, gain practical advice on how to stay in the driver's seat.

  • What you’ll get

    • Views on how AI will dramatically scale P&C reach and impact
    • Examples on how AI opens for a new generation of assessments and learning tools that engage users more deeply and makes results personalized and actionable
    • Ideas for how to transfer learnings from AI assessments into other areas of the P&C agenda



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    Flemming Fog

    CEO & Founder  

    Flemming Fog is the founder of CultureDrivers and TeamDrivers.


    With over 25 years as an entrepreneur, Flemming has been at the forefront of integrating innovative technologies into business practices.


    As a trusted advisor to CEOs of leading Danish multinationals, his insights into emerging technologies are crucial in shaping corporate strategies and solutions.

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    Gritt Løschenkohl

    Consultant & Partner

    Experienced leader and consultant with extensive experience in strategy execution, transformation, and organizational culture.


    Passionate about driving change and co-creating with customers and stakeholders to develop great and sustainable workplaces for the day after tomorrow.


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    Thursday, May 16 at 14:00 CET