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    Example of high level 360 feedback.

    We have seen how 360-feedback can be an important wake up call.

    But we also observe that leaders can be struggling on three distinct areas:

    • Firstly, leaders are drowning in details which makes it difficult to focus and start constructive changes
    • Secondly, leaders tend to over-focus on compensating for their weaknesses compared to developing their strengths – although research clearly documents that development based on strengths is much more powerful with a direct impact on business results
    • Thirdly, the purpose of turning insights into new, value creating behaviors is rarely met. Oftentimes, the process ends with the report

    Base on these insights, our team of organizational psychologists and specialists in leadership development has looked for ways to overcome the challenges, and to weigh in recent research from neuro-science and behavioral psychology in order to create an effective and helpful process for busy leaders.


    This has lead to a number of innovations in our new "Adaptive 360 assessment":

    Ask respondents where they want to see more (or less)

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    For each of the competencies, respondents are asked if they find that the 360 participant has the balance just right - or if they want you to expose more or less - of the competence.

    Help the user focus where it matters

    This input enables us to focus the attention of the 360-users on the competencies where their colleagues would prefer to experience an adjustment.
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    Focus on developing strengths

    Each element in the report is focused on directing the 360-user towards a strength based approach.
    Detailed data is reported but the users are only encouraged to use this to selectively search for specific information.
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    Detailed information can be found in "deep dive" chapters but is not the center of attention

    Help the users succeed with change

    The key question to 360-users is:
    “How can I truly succeed with changes that other people will notice and appreciate?”
    To support users in this process we use expert algorithms to suggest a set of very specific behaviors (“nano-behaviors") that users can apply in order to develop in their role.
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    The 360-users are also offered support of a digital tool, that collects observations from a few trusted helpers, and helps the users keep focus in weeks and months after receiving 360-feedback.
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    Using HabitDrivers to support succeeding with measurable and appreciated change