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    Try CultureDrivers® for free (one or two teams per organization)


    This is a special offer for teams not laid off or overworked in the midst of Corona times: Spend some time in your team getting feedback,inspiration and a chance to reflect on team collaboration - and be ready for a fantastic 2nd half of 2020.


    The offer is for organizations with at least 500 white-collar employees: The first two teams are for free - everything included - no strings attached. If your organization is smaller you are still welcome to ask us (but we reserve the right to say no-thanks).


    And yes: It works perfectly via e.g. Zoom, MS Teams, Skype!


    View "Introduction to the leader of the team" (below) to get overview of the program.

    The service includes the full flow - including follow up and support from a personal advisor to the leader of the team.


    If curious, please sign up below. We will then invite you to a 30 minute session where we can go into the practical details and where you can ask all the questions you may have. If you do not like everything you hear and see - you are of course free to leave.

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